About Hammerhead Industrial Hose

Hammerhead Industrial hose and our sister company of Hammerhead Rock Tools have proudly serviced the Oil & Gas, Mining, and other Industry with high quality products for over 25 years. Our experience allows Hammerhead to pick the perfect product to meet a wide variety of  needs.

Hammerhead Industrial Hose prides ourselves in our excellent customer relations. We strive to ensure that deadlines are met and all customer needs are proactively addressed. Hammerhead’s commitment to stocking a full line of hoses means that our delivery times are often the shortest in the industry.


Oroflex 30 (Polyurethane (TPU))     and                             Oroflex 20 (Nitrile Rubber) hose

Hammerhead carries the highest quality hoses from European manufacturers who have been producing hose for over 60 years. Manufactured with high quality extruded rubber and polyurethane, these hoses are combined with a textile reinforcement creating a very durable hose. Hammerhead hoses are custom manufactured from high quality raw materials along with best in class manufacturing processes and quality control to provide the best hose on the market.  Our ability to custom manufacture hose allows us to meet most unique and specific requirements for our customers.


Commitment to Quality:

Hose manufactured with ISO 9001 approval and FM certification affirms commitment to quality.

Industry leading warranty

“We are proud that many companies have made Hammerhead their standard due to our proven quality of hose, equipment, and service”