High Pressure & Chemical Resistance

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High Pressure Hose & Fittings: Oroflex HD

We provide a range of hoses, couplings, and fittings that have

burst pressures greater than 750 psi.

Chemical Resistant products: FracGard series

Hammerhead’s FracGard series of products are the right choice for transferring a

variety of chemicals found in produced water that can corrode standard materials.

Oroflex* is the most chemical resistant hoses on the market.

The lining materials are made of a proprietary chemical resistant formulation.

Manifolds, Couplings, Pigging Equipment, Fittings, etc.:

Hammerhead has worked closely with our suppliers over several years to provide

the best possible Chemical Resistance for our fittings.

Our manifolds, couplings, pigging equipment, and other fittings have a variety of

coating options with different levels of chemical resistance to meet your needs.