Frac Water Transfer Hose

Designed to eliminate leaks and keep containment when transferring produced water.

Used to transfer fresh & flow back water around the world.

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All of our hose has the following specs with more details in the links above

  • Working Pressure up to 200 PSI (Burst Pressure 600 PSI)
  • Diameters 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″
  • Custom Continuous lengths from 3′ -660′
  • Low Friction Loss
  • Compatible with air use to pig the entire line
  • Several hundreds of miles successfully operating in North America and South America

* Industry Leading 5 year warranty


For more info, contact us by email at:                                        or by phone at:                                                                         Houston TX  ph: 713-466-5202          Colorado ph: 303-532-6179


                     Video of Burst Test: 10″ hose bursting at 645 psi  (click below)

*Tipsa is the only manufacturer of Oroflex hose

*Hammerhead is the only licensed representative of Oroflex frac hose in the USA


*    Hammerhead Oroflex hose stays where you put it!