Water Well

"I'll never go back to pipe again. This stuff has turned pump problems from a major disaster into a minor inconvenience. When we pulled it back up it was like brand new. Not even a scratch on it. I can't believe how tuff this stuff is. We're going to end up pulling it again to replace the pump end; we're currently running with another pump at reduced capacity until we get the replacement, another thing that would be impossible if we had to mess around with pipe."
- Bob Fletcher, Farmer in California

waterwellOur water well flexible pipeline products have been used successfully in thousands of wells all over the world for the last 18 years. This proven system meets the needs of a broad range of ground water extraction uses including residential wells, agricultural, mining, and water utility applications. Ease of handling immediately reduces labor cost, and is a key benefit, allowing one man to deploy and retrieve submersible pumps and pipeline quickly and efficiently. Our compact lay-flat hose significantly reduces storage and transportation cost and is constructed of polyurethane with polyester textile internal reinforcement. Our flexible pipeline can easily be cut to length on site at any depth up to 660’. Long term benefits include energy savings and extended pipeline life. Our wide range of couplings and accessories ensures that the entire system is readily available for immediate use. Our stainless steel couplings and durable hose assures that pumps remain safely connected, and electrical cables are easily installed. Oroflex well is fully certified for all potable water applications. Including NFS 64.






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Certified for potable water up to 12" diameter.


Oroflex Well specs